About Us

What would you do for a bowl of soup? If it’s from The Original Soupman, probably a lot! The Soupman experience in the past, circa 1984: Wait in a long line on a winter day – in the sleet; wait in a long line on a summer day – in the heat; reign in your NYC customer-in-a-long-line irritability and behave yourself – or no soup for you!

Today, the Soupman legend lives on, but you can be as sweet or as crabby as you like because the soup is on YOUR stove, now. Find our 6 packs and 12-packs of small-batch, super fresh soups from The Original Soupman.  Each of the soups are still made with the craft and relentless pursuit of excellence that defines perfectionism and creates legends.

From our Lobster Bisque and Shrimp Jambalaya, to Chicken Gumbo, classic Chicken Noodle, Crab and Corn Chowder, we have a range of soups for all tastes, including our gluten free lentil soup. Whether for lunch or dinner, with family or when in a hurry, we – contrary to the slogan – have a wide range of soups for you.
No one can love Gluten Free Lentil Soup without wondering “Shouldn’t all lentil soup be gluten free?” This humble classic – with The Original Soupman’s most excellent touch – is so good you’ll want to have a bowl every day! No kidding. But you can’t, because The Soupman also makes Chicken Noodle and Chicken Gumbo.

The Original Soupman can transform your worries into bliss with an elegant bowl of the world’s best Lobster Bisque. Too hyperbolic? Au contraire. You’ll have to make two bowls just for yourself. It’s that good, and that civilizing.  And how many people know what jambalaya actually is? The Original Soupman actually knows and makes a wonderful Jambalaya that may make you feel like you’re on vacation – even if you’re not, and have to go to work tomorrow – since this Jambalaya is so good you’ll think about finding a bigger spoon. Find this and more of our soup flavors here today.