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  1. Larry Thomas aka The Soup Nazi visits WBRW TV

    WBRW TV presents Larry Thomas aka “The Soup Nazi” from WBRW TV on Vimeo. "No soup for you," are his famous words. Fun was had by all as he described his experiences as an actor on the Seinfeld show.

  2. Watch the Original Soupman, Larry Thomas on Atlanta & Co

    Watch the Original Soupman, actor Larry Thomas and the CEO Jamieson Karson on Atlanta & Co / 11 Alive in Atlanta.

  3. Larry Thomas, Original Soupman on WXYZ and Fox 2 in Detroit

    Company CEO Jamieson Karson along with the Soup Nazi himself, actor Larry Thomas, stopped by Broadcsat House Saturday to talk about an event in the area. Find out more at or watch the clip below. The Original Soupman also appeared on Fox 2 in...

  4. WMBC-TV News Video – Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen

    Source: WMBC News, Dec 23 2015

  5. The Soupman from Seinfeld says “Soup for You, Indianapolis”

    View various clips from Wish TV in Indianapolis, “No Soup For You!” If you’re a fan of the hit TV Show, Seinfeld, you’ve heard this line a time or two! Well, now The Soup Nazi, aka The Soupman, is celebrating the roll-out of The Original...

  6. Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” has some soup for you – WKRC 12 Cincinnati

    "No soup for you!"It's one of the most repeated television lines ever from one of the most popular episodes of Seinfeld and the man who said it is at Local 12! Larry Thomas is the actor and Jamieson Karson is the CEO of "The Original...

  7. At Breast Cancer Event for Diva for a Day

    Clip from Verizon Fios1 New Jersey.