The Random Acts of Soupness campaign is part of The Original SoupMan’s Al Feed the Hungry Foundation which has the mission that everyone should be able to put soup on the table. Started in 2005, and led by Reggie Jackson, the American icon and Hall of Famer as well as advisor and equity partner for The Original SoupMan, Al’s Foundation donates a portion of every purchase to feeding those in need, including local charities, soup kitchen and pantries, and the Random Acts of Soupness campaign is really just an extension of that. The Original SoupMan strives to support families in need all year round, while also offering families a quick and healthy meal option in over 4,000 supermarkets nationwide. The Original SoupMan has been rolling out this campaign with its new Soup Mobile franchise opportunity that is a full-service kitchen that serves up The Original SoupMan favorites. The campaign came about to help families around the holidays, benefiting local soup kitchens and pantries in New York and surrounding markets that hold The Original SoupMan’s new retail line of Tetra Pak soups.

Please donate whatever amount you can to our non-profit organization, Al’s Feed The Hungry Foundation.

Al’s Feed the Hungry Foundation is a 501c3, non-profit organization launched by The Original SoupMan in 2005. Al’s Feed The Hungry Foundation donates funds and soup to local hunger charities, including soup kitchens and food pantries.

Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Reggie Jackson, an equity partner in The Original SoupMan and long-time brand ambassador, serves as chairman of Al’s Feed The Hungry Foundation.

We greatly appreciate your support. And we are awed by the strength and resiliency of our neighbors.

To volunteer your time to this effort, please email Marcus Crawford at