Random Acts of Soupness Campaign benefits GEDCO CARES pantry

Some folks in Baltimore got to enjoy a cup of hot, free soup and a local food pantry got a big donation.

It’s all part of a new traveling campaign by The Original Soupman.image004

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The “soupmobile” made a stop in east Baltimore on Monday as part of its Random Acts of Soupness Campaign, dishing out hot soup for folks at the GEDCO CARES Food Pantry.

“We serve about 350 families each month who come for groceries from north-central Baltimore as part of the GEDCO service area, and we also help with emergency financial help,” said Rachel Neill with GEDCO CARES.

The soupmobile was started by The Original Soupman, Al Yeganeh, who owns a soup restaurant in New York City and was the inspiration for the Soup Nazi character on Seinfeld.

“The Original Soupman started back in 1984 on 55th Street and Eighth Avenue. Al Yeganeh was the founder and he’s been serving soup ever since at that location. We use the highest-quality ingredients, unique spices and herbs and that’s what makes our soup so special,” said Dan Rubdan, with The Original Soupman.

The soupmobile also donated 15 cases of its pre-packaged soup for the food pantry to give out to its clients.

“A lot of people come through every month and we really are dependent on donations for the food we give out, and to get this great shelf-stable soup is really good,” Neill said.

As part of the campaign, The Original Soupman also does cooking demonstrations that teaches people to use their store-bought soups to make inexpensive meals at home. It’s part of The Original Soupman’s mission that everyone should be able to put soup on the table.image005

“Al always donated soup and he used to feed quite a few of the homeless folks in New York back in the ’80s,” Rubano said. “It’s something that Al started. We keep the tradition and think of how nice the world would be if everyone just does a little bit to help those in need, and we feel that it’s our obligation to do that as well.”

The soupmobile plans to continue spreading good will and hot soup to folks across the region.