Where it all started

THE PHENOMENON STARTED BACK IN 1984. WAY BEFORE THE CLASSIC PUNCHLINE ON SEINFELD, THERE WERE LONG SOUP LINES OUTSIDE OF AL’S LEGENDARY NYC STORE.This was soup worth waiting for, even in sub-zero winters. The innovative recipes, miraculously fresh ingredients and spices from Al‘s secret sources showed jaded New Yorker’s a whole new side of soup.

Nothing has changed. Our small-batch soups are still made with the craft and relentless pursuit of excellence that defines perfectionism and creates legends.

As the New York Times said, Al creates “Art, not soup.” Now, that liquid perfection is available three ways, at our restaurants, at supermarkets, and right here, on our website.

Origin: AL

AL IS OUR INSPIRATION.He’s one of the true culinary innovators of the late twentieth century, elevating soup to a new level of inventiveness, imagination and satisfaction. Every one of his recipes was developed and perfected by him, working long hours in a hot kitchen, without a giant staff or a line of sous-chefs.

His standing and reputation have nothing to do with his personality or any urban legends that swirl around him. Everything starts – and ends – in the soup bowl.


Soups for You

THERE ARE FIVE DELICIOUS VARIETIES OF AL’S LEGENDARY SOUP THAT YOU CAN ORDER FROM US RIGHT NOW, but we want you to know that there are 47 delicious soups which are be available on any given day at any one of our restaurants. If there’s not one near you yet, keep checking We’re opening new ones all the time.

Here is the list (roll over some of them for Al’s recipes)

lobster bisque