Soup for you!

Soupman Soup For All™

You deserve food that’s comforting, easy, free of preservatives, and tastes delicious. Now you can treat yourself and everyone who matters to the soup New Yorker’s wait in line for hours to get. That’s right, the soup immortalized on Seinfeld, right in your pantry, ready in minutes.

“Art, Not Soup.”

The New York Times

The Soupman Then & Now

The Legacy – “No Soup For You!”
The Original Soupman’s tradition of excellence began in New York City in the 1980s. New Yorkers lined up around the block for the Soupman’s famous artisanal soups. The Soupman had a passion for excellence. Using only the freshest ingredients, he served up soup that was so delicious you had to eat it sitting down. The only trouble was, you had to stand in line and follow his rules or “No Soup For You!™”

The Future – “Soup For All”
If you asked the the Soupman today, he would tell you “what the world needs is more soup!” More than two decades later, America’s favorite belligerent chef has shifted his attitude. In order to meet overwhelming consumer demand however, he knew he would have to make his fresh soup operation scalable. Today, the Original Soupman team has built upon the legacy of New York’s famous one-man soup stand.

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“I Never Knew That Soup Could Be This Good…”

Chris V, Trip Advisor

Soup Doesn’t Belong in a Can

The Original Soupman™ - Shrimp Bisque

No Preservatives Ever, Soup That’s Just Fresh

You deserve food that’s easy-to-make and doesn’t compromise quality or flavor. Which is why we proudly pack our soup using Tetra Pak® packing—it preserves nutritional value and taste.

Tetra Pak® is the only solution that pre-cooks the soup inside the package, making each and every carton sterile, safe, and delicious—something our competitors with their cans, jars, and plastic containers can’t say.

We’re committed to quality, so every bowl of our soup is mindfully crafted from beginning to end. All you have to do is pour, heat, and serve.

“This Soup is Amazing.”

Mary Anne, 5-Stars, Trip Advisor

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