What do you get when you put a microphone in front of two Original Soupman Soup Club Members and best-friend-bloggers, Natalie and Dylan? 

A declaration of their passion for the Original Soupman’s Soups? 

A recipe for a warm, happy belly hugging your heart? 

Or something else… 

Int. Natalie’s Apartment – Afternoon

NATALIE: Did you get my email?

DYLAN: Yup. We’re talking about “going green,” you said.

NATALIE: Right. Ways to save the environment. Like using different lightbulbs and…

DYLAN: Wait. I thought you meant eating better.

NATALIE: Um… No. It’s Earth Day.

DYLAN: Then this has been a big misunderstanding all week.

NATALIE: This conversation has gone off the rails so quickly. I already know I’m going to regret this question. But, what did you think we would be discussing today?

DYLAN: That is an excellent question. I have been eating better all week. Mostly salads and the like.  

NATALIE: You thought…

DYLAN: I thought that we were going vegetarian.

NATALIE: Uh huh.

DYLAN: What was I supposed to think? We’re on a website about soup? Isn’t this all food based?

NATALIE: It never has been, but okay.

DYLAN: You researched.

NATALIE: Googled the crap out of ideas for how to lengthen our time on our precious Mother Earth.

DYLAN: It’s been a crazy week for me in the context of our misunderstanding.

NATALIE: You need to learn to read your emails.

DYLAN: No, stop. Listen. I tried really hard this week.

NATALIE: I’m sure you did.

DYLAN: Monday. I went grocery shopping. I don’t eat all that healthy. It was eye-opening how difficult it is to be better. I bought stuff for salads and those tofu burgers.

NATALIE: I don’t like those.

DYLAN: Might have been nice to know that I don’t like them either before spending so much on them. I did my best to power through them though.

NATALIE: How far did you get?

DYLAN: With the tofu? Two days. The salads were a little bit better.

NATALIE: Salad dressing?

DYLAN: I covered the lettuce and tomato and everything with it. And since I couldn’t have anything like bacon bits…

NATALIE: Vegetarian, but super unhealthy.

DYLAN: I think soup might have saved my life. I almost lost my mind. Would have had it not been for the soup. Gripping my little Soupman mug. Sipping for dear life.

NATALIE: There are a few good options. Like the Lentil.

DYLAN: Couldn’t have the chicken options. But the lobster was great.

NATALIE: You can’t have the lobster either.

DYLAN: I CAN. Cause it’s a fish… right?

NATALIE: Um… no… First, it’s a crustacean. Not a fish. And vegetarians don’t eat either. Pescatarians eat fish. But I’m not sure about lobster.

DYLAN: That sucks.

NATALIE: With this new information, how long were you successfully a vegetarian?

DYLAN: The truth?


DYLAN: Tuesday evening.

NATALIE: And this has been an awesome waste of your time.

DYLAN: Maybe.

NATALIE: I just want you to understand that we have done nothing to forward the conversation that will save the planet.

DYLAN: Maybe.

NATALIE: Don’t forget everyone. We’re almost to the debut of the Soupman’s new line of Melting Pot soups. Starting with my family’s Chicken Gumbo Soup!

DYLAN: See, if I didn’t stop being a veggie this week, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this new product.

NATALIE: We hope you all have a great week. Enjoy some great soup from the Soupman packaged in the environmentally friendly Tetra packaging. While you’re doing that I will be burying my former best friend in the back yard.

DYLAN: I could have thought we were discussing Kermit the Frog! It definitely could have been worse.

NATALIE: I’m Natalie. 

DYLAN: I’m Dylan.  

NATALIE: #makeamemorywitheverybowl.


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