Some might pour cold water onto their heads. Others might fill their bathtubs and dive right in. Others still might simply turn up the air conditioner.

But what do you do about food and the warmth of these summer months?

Natalie and Dylan have a couple of ideas!


What do you get when you put a microphone in front of two Original Soupman Soup Club Members and best-friend-bloggers, Natalie and Dylan?

A declaration of their passion for the Original Soupman’s Soups?

A recipe for a warm, happy belly hugging your heart?

Or something else…


Int. Natalie’s Apartment – Afternoon

NATALIE: I just want to start by saying that soup is amazing. There may be nothing that I enjoy eating more. But it’s not the first thing that most of us reach for to beat the heat.

DYLAN: What about Vichyssoise?

NATALIE: Do you know what that is?

DYLAN: I do.

NATALIE: Please. Enlighten us.

DYLAN: I don’t know exactly what it is… But I saw Batman. And Alfred brings him soup. And Batman is all like, “Alfred, this soup. It’s cold.” And Alfred was all, “It’s Vichyssoise, sir.” And Batman is confused. So Alfred informs him: “It’s supposed to be cold.”

NATALIE: At the end of that tangent, you still don’t know what it is.

DYLAN: Maybe… no…

NATALIE: It’s fish soup.  With scallops.

DYLAN: Ew. Why would anyone want that cold?

NATALIE: I don’t know. You’d have to ask Batman.

DYLAN: I see what you did there.

NATALIE: There are plenty of soup ideas though that can serve up some delicious nourishment on those hot and humid days.

DYLAN: Do they all include fish?

NATALIE: No. No, they don’t.

DYLAN: Good.

NATALIE: First up. You Californians are going to love this one. Saw it online. Avocado soup.

DYLAN: What all is in that?

NATALIE: Definitely avocados?

DYLAN: Otherwise that title is misleading.

NATALIE: Basil, avocados, along with some salt, pepper. Maybe add some smoked chili pepper. Chill that bad boy and eat outside with no guilt.

DYLAN: Since I don’t really like guacamole?

NATALIE: You probably would not like this soup.

DYLAN: Gazpacho’s cold too, right?

NATALIE: Oh yeah. For that, all you do is blend a whole bunch of veggies together and chill. Tomatoes, bread, garlic, olive oil, etc.

DYLAN: Gazpacho. It sounds Italian.

NATALIE: It’s not actually. It’s Spanish. My grandma makes it all the time. You’ve had it at her house before.

DYLAN: I have?

NATALIE: What did you eat yesterday?

DYLAN: Point made.

NATALIE: If you want, lose the bread and tomatoes and add watermelon.

DYLAN: The perfect blending of two frosty treats.

NATALIE: This one you’re really not going to like…

DYLAN: Uh-oh.

NATALIE: Take chickpeas and yogurt. Mix them with herbs and seasonings. Maybe with eggs and rice. You have yourself a yogurt soup.

DYLAN: I have consistency issues. I would hate that.

NATALIE: I told you!

DYLAN: But others might like it.


DYLAN: And to those people, I say this. I am judging you.


DYLAN: Kidding. Even though I don’t like those cold soups, all might be fantastic eats for you.

NATALIE: It’s the perfect way to stay cool for the summer.

DYLAN: You’re going to make that the title of this piece, aren’t you?

NATALIE: Now that you’ve asked, it’ll be the title. One hundred percent.

DYLAN: You’ve made Demi Lovato very happy. And you know what?


DYLAN: You’ve made me very happy.

NATALIE: Let me guess. By making you think of Selena Gomez?

DYLAN: You know me too well.

NATALIE: Too much. I’ll now propose the question to you out there in the ether: What’s your favorite way to stave off the summer heat?

DYLAN: Also, what’s your favorite Selena Gomez song?

NATALIE: Sigh…  Last week we mentioned the lobster bisque. If that wets your appetite, then surf on over to the Original Soupman website.

DYLAN: This month, all month, they have a deal.

NATALIE: Thirty percent off all orders of their lobster bisque. You can’t beat that with a stick.

DYLAN: I don’t even know if that would be the best way to take out a lobster if you were trying to make your own.

NATALIE: I guess that’s true.

DYLAN: You might screw up the ingredients too. It’s just cheaper and more delicious to buy Soupman’s Soups.

NATALIE: Also, true. I’m Natalie.

DYLAN: And I’m Dylan.

NATALIE: #makeamemorywitheverybowl.

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