What do you get when you put a microphone in front of two Original Soupman Soup Club Members and best-friend-bloggers, Natalie and Dylan? 

A declaration of their passion for the Original Soupman’s Soups? 

A recipe for a warm, happy belly hugging your heart? 

Or something else… 

Int. Natalie’s Apartment – Evening

NATALIE: Dylan. I have some pretty big news.

DYLAN: Is this good news? Or bad news?

NATALIE: Little of both.

DYLAN: Do you want to give me the bad news first or will the good news overshadow the bad?

NATALIE: It’s not as simple as all that.

DYLAN: It’s not?

NATALIE: I mean… Not really. Now that I think about it, we should just drop it.

DYLAN: We should just drop it? “We” didn’t bring it up. It was more of a “you” thing.

NATALIE: We’re just talking ourselves in circles.

DYLAN: Nat, just say it. The suspense is literally killing me. Sweaty palms. Heart palpitations. The whole nine yards. If I drop dead right here this very minute, please know that I blame you and only you. Also, please erase my browser history and give my action figure collection to Frankie.

NATALIE: Are you alright?

DYLAN: I told you. Sweaty palpitations.

NATALIE: Gross. The truth is… I’m moving away. I had a job offer. A good one. It’s too good to pass up.

DYLAN: I don’t know what to say.

NATALIE: Say something.

DYLAN: I just said I don’t know what to say.

NATALIE: I have an idea. About what to say, that is. APRIL FOOLS!

DYLAN: I don’t understand.

NATALIE: April fools. I fooled you.

DYLAN: This is not true? You’re not moving.

NATALIE: Nope. No job. No move. No changes at all. At least for now.

DYLAN: I love you long term. But I hate you so much right now.

NATALIE: It was a joke. Come on.

DYLAN: I hate jokes. I hate pranks. Don’t love ‘em at all. Hate ‘em.

NATALIE: Any particular reason? Cause I’ve seen you at birthdays. Ripping through presents like someone was going to steal them otherwise. You seem to love surprises.

DYLAN: There are a few times in my life where a stupid prank has bitten me in the behind. Summer camp, for instance.

NATALIE: We’re going back that far?

DYLAN: My camp counselor and I ribbed each other back and forth for weeks. The final day, I’m getting ready to be picked up by my parents. I’m heading out the door of our cabin – first one out – I wasn’t looking and BAM! The counselor had wrapped the door frame in clear plastic wrap and covered the inside with honey. Got honey on my clothes, in my hair. Everywhere. It took me days to get the ooze out of every crevasse of my body. Sticky for days.

NATALIE: That’s hilarious!

DYLAN: Everyone else seemed to think so as well. I, for the record, did not.

NATALIE: I’m sorry you were so traumatized.

DYLAN: There was another time where my uncle was supposed to bring the turkey… But he brought a Cornish hen instead.



NATALIE: Seek help.


NATALIE: I do have one big piece of news.

DYLAN: Is this another trick?

NATALIE: Not at all. There’s a big announcement about maybe another soup flavor coming out from our favorite soup people possibly probably.

DYLAN: A terrible sentence.

NATALIE: My abuela is a goddess in the kitchen and has been chatting with the soup people at The Original Soupman. Great things. Coming soon.

DYLAN: I’m excited.

NATALIE: That means that I’m Dylan. 

DYLAN: And I am Natalie? 

NATALIE: April Fools! Have fun. Be Safe. And #makeamemorywitheverybowl.

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