What do you do for the Fourth of July?

Do you grill out? If you do, alone or with family and friends.

Natalie and Dylan discuss their big plans for America’s Independence Day.

Be on the lookout for a cookout!


What do you get when you put a microphone in front of two Original Soupman Soup Club Members and best-friend-bloggers, Natalie and Dylan?

A declaration of their passion for the Original Soupman’s Soups?

A recipe for a warm, happy belly hugging your heart?

Or something else…


Int. Natalie’s Apartment – Afternoon

DYLAN: Is there a thing like hot dog soup?

NATALIE: That sounds terrible.

DYLAN: I’m pretty sure that there is… But I can’t be sure until I get a good friend to Google it. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

NATALIE: Where is this coming from?

DYLAN: My brain telling me that this week is the Fourth of July holiday and we should be discussing that.

NATALIE: Great idea!

DYLAN: Cool.

NATALIE: But it’s one I had already entertained, was going to propose and was interrupted by a peculiar obsession with sausage stew.

DYLAN: That sounds so good. With some hot sauce…

NATALIE: I’m going to fix this ship right now. Cookouts.

DYLAN: You have my attention.

NATALIE: When I was growing up, we had the entire family over to my parents. It was a party of family reunion proportions. People would come out of the woodwork.

DYLAN: And by growing up, you mean right now? Cause you still do that.

NATALIE: This is true. But it was different as a kid, ya know?

DYLAN: Height will do that to a person.

NATALIE: Not just that. I remember dad living at the grill. People would bring the food. Place their order. He would cook and cook and cook what seemed like for hours. By the time he would finally catch his breath to sit down and maybe have a bite himself, someone else would run up and ask for a burger or roasted corn or something. He would jump back up and keep going. Went until everyone was full.

DYLAN:  Things were slightly different in our house. It was all about the presentation.


DYLAN:  Mom would make cupcakes. All of them with red, white or blue frosting. We’d have those soft cookies from the grocery store. Same thing. Red, white and blue sprinkles. Dad would put those things out on the rails. I can’t remember what they’re called. The decorations that you only seem to see on TV at political events. The half circles?

NATALIE: Bunting?

DYLAN: Bunting! Yes! That’s is. That along with an American Flag hanging from the pole attached to the house. We would still cookout, but it was a much smaller get-together. So, less of the event that your family had. More of a patriotic showing.

NATALIE: It’s all important.

DYLAN:  It is, it is.

NATALIE: One day we will need to combine all of our efforts, rent out some sort of sporting arena and have everyone in both our families in one huge blowout!

DYLAN:  For now, I will eat sweets at my parent’s house and then drag myself over to your family’s for all the foods.

NATALIE: Sounds like a plan.

DYLAN:  Sounds like an early grave from cholesterol.

NATALIE: But we should keep the discussion going.

DYLAN:  We should!

NATALIE: Let us know what your favorite dish is for Independence Day. Or maybe you have a killer idea for an event. Keep us in the know!

DYLAN: Also, if you have a killer recipe for hot dog soup, send it our way. Cause I’m crazy interested to see what the heck this thing is and if we can make it a reality.

NATALIE: I feel like I work with a five-year-old.

DYLAN: Maybe you do. Maybe I just love America.

NATALIE: I will not respond to that.

DYLAN: Cause I’m awesome. I know.


DYLAN:  What’s the deal of the month?

NATALIE: Soupman has a deal on Lobster Bisque. Keep your eyes and ears open for details. I’m Natalie.

DYLAN: And I’m Dylan.

NATALIE: #makeamemorywitheverybowl!

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