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  • New and improved management team
  • +$70 million dollar sales pipeline
  • Best tasting soup in the world

About Gallant Brands

Gallant Brands, Inc. is a newly formed Delaware Corporation that acquired all of the assets of Soupman Inc. and now operates the business under the same name. The Original Soupman brand was created in 1984 and made famous by Seinfeld in 1995. Our Acquisition of Island Fresh, LLC in 2018 has positioned us as a vertically integrated brand with sales, manufacturing and distribution in house.

Joe Hagan

Past Investors

“I am not only an investor but also a long time consumer of these fantastic soups. The lure of this iconic global brand took me off the sidelines of potential retirement. As an executive at Sandisk for almost 20 years I was integral in our plan culminating in a successful acquisition by WDC for $19 Billion. I am excited to now bring the full weight of my dedication, energy and proven experience to The Original Soupman and bring our great soups “To All”.”

Mitch Cohen, FL

“From the moment I first tasted Soupman I was a fan. As an investor, I am excited for their plan to make this iconic brand a household brand name. Finally, they have the management team to execute this “Soup For All” plan and deliver the same comforting success as their soup.”

Gary Wydeveld, TX ​

Gain access to the complete investor kit

  • New and improved management team
  • +$70 Million dollar sales pipeline
  • Best tasting soup in the world
  • By requesting an investor due diligence package, I understand that I will receive all necessary documents and disclosures needed to make an informed investment decision. Furthermore, I certify that I qualify as an accredited investor and will keep all correspondence confidential. This request does not represent a commitment on my behalf nor does it guarantee a subscription as the initial round may be oversubscribed and closed as a result. All subscription preferences will be decided on a first come, first serve basis.

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