What do you get when you put a microphone in front of two Original Soupman Soup

Club Members and best-friend- bloggers, Natalie and Dylan???

-A declaration of their passion for the Original Soupman’s Soups? Or perhaps something else…

Int. Natalie’s Apartment – Evening

NATALIE: You’re late.

DYLAN: Sorry. I tried to pick up the soup for your recipe. But…

NATALIE: But what?

DYLAN: They were out of the Lobster Bisque. (Natalie gasps)


DYLAN: All I saw was Lentil. But the guy at the store said that they would have
everything back in stock soon.

NATALIE: How am I supposed to make my “The Bisque Stops Here” recipe in honor
of President’s Day?

DYLAN: I guess we’ll have to settle for Presi-Lentil Soup?

NATALIE: It’s not the end of the world… I suppose…

DYLAN: Do you think George Washington had a thermos of chicken soup while
paddling the Potomac?

NATALIE: Are you trying to combine great moments of the Commander-in- Chief…
with soup?

DYLAN: Maybe. Is it working?

NATALIE: No… But definitely, YES!

DYLAN: I can just see James Madison snacking on French Onion Soup while
Napoleon was in power.

NATALIE: I assume Grover Cleveland loved his Cream of Broccoli. Cause why not.

DYLAN: I think I read on the internet that Lincoln loved turtle soup?

NATALIE: Ew! Let’s stick with log cabins and never telling a lie.

DYLAN: That was George Washington. About cutting down a cherry tree.

NATALIE: Sounds about right.

DYLAN: Who ate what during World War II?

NATALIE: Mussolini munching on Minestrone, of course.

DYLAN: I like it.

NATALIE: FDR snacking on borscht while battling the Bolsheviks?

DYLAN: Good one.

NATALIE: This is a really fun game.

DYLAN: About as much fun as Ronald Regan with Ratatouille?

NATALIE: Clam chowder at the Boston Tea Party!

DYLAN: We didn’t even have a president at that time.

NATALIE: Oh. Right.

DYLAN: I think we’ve taken this bit about as far as it’ll go, chef Natalie.

NATALIE: I… am not a cook!

DYLAN: But I am Dylan.

NATALIE: And I’m Natalie. Just remember to #makeamemorywitheverybowl!

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