What do you get when you put a microphone in front of two Original Soupman Soup Club Members and best-friend-bloggers, Natalie and Dylan?

A declaration of their passion for the Original Soupman’s Soups?

A recipe for a warm, happy belly hugging your heart?

Or something else…

Int. Natalie’s Apartment – Afternoon

NATALIE: Are we delving into a subject matter that’s taboo for this particular venue?

DYLAN: Maybe. I mean… The things we talk about are friends, family and soup.

NATALIE: All things we love.

DYLAN: True. Most of the time.


DYLAN: But sometimes – And I say this with the deepest respect for all of my family members and the friends who are not present in this room at this particular moment – Sometimes out of those three particular things that we’ve just mentioned, the thing I love most? Is soup.

NATALIE: Explain.

DYLAN: I will. Soup will never let you down. Soup will never leave you on the floor asleep at an apartment of a friend of a friend whom you’ve never met prior to that morning after a wild night out. Soup would not, however, be able to call you an Uber to pick you up from the aforementioned friend of a friend’s apartment the following morning.

NATALIE: That’s a good point. So, that’s a tick in the column for friends and family over soup. Do you overindulge?

DYLAN: Do I what now? Just say what you’re trying to say.

NATALIE: Okay. I will. Do you drink?

DYLAN: Yes, I do.

NATALIE: When you do drink, do you drink too much?

DYLAN: Why are we having this conversation again?

NATALIE: Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. And there are plenty of younger people—Over 21, mind you—But, people out there, they drink too much and use the holiday as an excuse to do so.

DYLAN: Then let me clarify. I do drink. I limit myself, normally, to one adult beverage.

NATALIE: One? Really?

DYLAN: There are times that I will have more. But commonly, only one.

NATALIE: Yet you wake up at a stranger’s house?

DYLAN: That person was a theoretical person for storytelling purposes… But, if that was me? I might have been sick. And the single glass that I had put me down.

NATALIE: This really happened?

DYLAN: Yes, but there are so many mitigating factors. It wasn’t like I hit the floor like I was a cartoon character. Like I’m Roger Rabbit, bursting through a wall. No. We were up all night playing poker.  I nursed a single glass of scotch over several hours. Lost all of my chips and sat on the floor to shut my eyes while my buddies finished playing.

NATALIE: And they left you there?

DYLAN: They left, yeah. Needless to say, I was confused when I woke up.

NATALIE: Why do I picture the wolf and fox from the old Pinocchio movie?

DYLAN: It was even more innocent than that. But it happened all the same.

NATALIE: Did this even happen on Cinco de Mayo?

DYLAN: I think it was in September, actually.


DYLAN: The story has nothing to do contextually with anything we’re supposed to be talking about.

NATALIE:  You are simply the best, Dylan.

DYLAN: Thank you for saying so.

NATALIE: I know all this month we’ve been telling you about the new soup that’s being released by our friends at Soupman. But now, we’ve got some additional exciting news.

DYLAN: Can I tell them?

NATALIE: Yeah, sure.

DYLAN: They’ll be starting a promotion where they’ll supply soup to our heroes of past and present. Our troops. It’s gonna be epic.

NATALIE: Details to come, so keep an eye on their website for the details.

DYLAN: That is exciting news.

NATALIE: Until next time, I’m Natalie.

DYLAN: And I’m Dylan.

NATALIE: Make sure you enjoy your holiday responsibly.

DYLAN: Happy Cinco de Soupo (or Soupo de Mayo)!

NATALIE: So weird. #makeamemorywitheverybowl.


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