The Original Soupman™ Soup Soulmate Quiz

Ever browsing the Soupman Soup Shop and can't decide which soup is for you? Your search stops here, with our Soup Soulmate Quiz. Quick and easy, this quiz is designed to pair you with the soup that best fits your personality and lifestyle. Because you are what you eat, right?

You score some travel vouchers for a free trip – where are you heading?
Thank god, it’s finally Friday. What are your plans?
How are you spending your birthday this year?
It’s a rainy Sunday, and you get to relax! Which movie franchise are you watching?
The cutie at your local coffee shop gave you their number. What do you suggest for your first date?
What’s the worst thing that could happen on your date?
False alarm (phew!) – the date went well and you two keep dating. What is their relationship superpower?
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