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Real-world experience meets entreprenuerial freedom

The Original Soupman™ team is looking for outgoing, motivated and driven brand ambassadors to gain real world experience and get your side hustle on. The legacy and nostalgia of our soups are best honored through memories and our Original Soupman consumers are looking for food that transcends satiation and provides an experience.

Through this program, ambassadors will be tasked with the role of creating experiences through social media, real-life events and partnerships to promote brand awareness and drive sales from campus students and the supporting community. Learn real entrepreneurial skills, such as leadership, marketing, sales, problem-solving and autonomy. Each student will be given a specific code to directly track the sales effect they created for the company.


  • Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Resume builder
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Mentorship, lifetime member of the Original Soupman community
  • Recommendation letter from CEO
  • Earn cash and FREE product based on sales
  • 40% off all personal orders
  • Networking within the Soupman Community
  • Be featured on website and social media platforms
  • Internship opportunity
  • Learn how to effectively communicate to cause positive action


  • Side Hustle your way to the top with Original Soupman
  • Earn Free Products and Cash for the work you do
  • Make time for school, social life and side hustle
  • Earn products and cash for:
  • Instagram and story posts
    • Organize and host soup parties / fund raisers
    • Coordinate bulk orders with campus groups (sororities, etc.)
    • Help engage local shops, areas of student life
  • Track online sales through individual promo codes

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“Art, not soup.”

-New York Times

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