Soupman Soup For All!

Very few foods are as easy, delicious and comforting as they are nourishing and timeless. We’re proud to say our soup is one of them. Our innovative recipes, fresh ingredients and secret spice blend made their way to the screens of Seinfeld and continues to warm the hearts of Millions. Now you can easily make this American tradition a part of your business.

Where we soup

Schools and universities

Partner with our soup experts to develop a branded program your students will fall in love with. Take advantage of cost savings through ease of operations, then sit back and enjoy the feedback and positive comments. Soup for All!


Soupman can provide a high margin program that can be delivered with minimal effort and employee support. Further, Soupman’s branded and white label products can be delivered in minimal square footage, in a space without ventilation, making it an ideal product for airport locations.


Whether your customers are seeking a single serving on the go or fresh soup to compliment a sandwich, our simple and easy hot soup program will help you meet that demand. Increase profitable traffic and expand your customer base today!


Consider taking advantage of The Original Soupman branded cart program. Together, we can develop a menu of hot soup for any event indoors or outdoors. Human capital is a precious resource for your business. We are here to help you put smiles on your customers faces.

Franchise Locations

Business is better together. Especially with Soupman on your side. Let us work with you to develop a program that every franchisee can implement flawlessly each and every time. Together, we can build that program to drive happy faces and bright smiles while being additive to your bottom line.

Restaurant Locations

You get it, a successful restaurant is all about satisfaction, satisfied customers, a satisfied team and a satisfied owner. The Original Soupman product will exceed customer expectations. The program can be implemented by staff with minimal effort and owners will realize maximum returns – Are you satisfied?

Grocery Stores

Customers will line up for our restaurant quality “Hot Soup” program. Seamlessly add Original Soupman to your existing salad bar, hot bar or deli counter for eat in or take out. Increase store visits and customer loyalty with a program your customers will love.


Hit the jackpot by introducing Original Soupman to your buzzing casino floor. No matter their hand, your customers will feel like a big winner with every bit of our iconic soups. You won’t catch your operations managers screaming NO SOUP FOR YOU with our ease of operations, strong margins and reasonable price points.


As lovers of our product, we know how powerful even one spoonful of our flavor-packed soup can be. One really great meal can change your entire day and we want to make it easy to bring our soups to your customers. That’s why we have created a wide range of convenient and cost effective ways to serve our soups. 


Make A Memory With Every Bowl™.



The perfect addition for any restaurant, convienience store or dining location. Our stationary soup kettles are the perfect size to be set out with ease. Make your customers feel right at home with freshly made soups that are ready-to-go, hot, safe, and delicious.

Branded or Private Label

We’re committed to quality, so every bowl of our soup is mindfully crafted from beginning to end. The Original Soupman provides turn-key solutions, making it easier than ever to add our soups to your menu.



Original Soupman’s  branded cart program allows you to develop a menu of Hot Soup for any event indoors or outdoors. Our soups are known for drawing a big crowd in NYC. Now you can bring Original Soupman;s manhattan like crowds to your next sporting event, festival, or gathering. 

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complete nutritional information for all of our soups.


Easy downloadable labels to pack our soups


Simple instruction for all proper heating

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