What do you get when you put a microphone in front of two Original Soupman Soup Club Members and best-friend-bloggers, Natalie and Dylan? 

A declaration of their passion for the Original Soupman’s Soups? 

A recipe for a warm, happy belly hugging your heart? 

Or something else… 

Int. Natalie’s Apartment –Afternoon

NATALIE:  St. Patrick’s Day is HUGE in Chicago. Where else?

DYLAN: Boston, I would assume.

NATALIE:  I would agree. Any major metropolitan area. So, New York. L.A.

DYLAN: Would Atlanta count as a major metropolitan area?

NATALIE: Yes…? But it’s spread out.

DYLAN: Back to Chicago… They dye the water there green. Why they would do this? How would they do this? These are questions we may never have the answers to.

NATALIE:  Not exactly true as the internet is a thing that exists.

DYLAN: You win this round, Nat.

NATALIE:  According to the interwebs…

DYLAN: Interwebs?

NATALIE: It’s a thing. According to them, they started dying the water in the early 1960’s.  Originally used to detect sewage leaks, they got the bright idea–

DYLAN: Bright GREEN idea!

NATALIE: Funny. They got the idea to start dying the river green for St. Paddy’s Day. And, why wouldn’t you? They even accidentally dyed it that color for an entire week once when they used too much.

DYLAN: There isn’t enough Guinness or designated drivers to handle a situation like that in the area if that were to happen today.

NATALIE:  Now, I know the answer to this question, but have you ever been to Chicago?

DYLAN: I really appreciate the reminder that I have not. But, I want to go. Maybe for the evergreen holiday?

NATALIE: Could be a terrible idea.

DYLAN: I think I might prefer to go to the Motherland of Ireland. Rolling green hills. I could see myself… Sitting underneath a huge windmill, wooden shoes, sipping a huge bowl of soup.

NATALIE: I think you’re thinking Holland?

DYLAN: Not a geography major.

NATALIE: You are so strange. But I would love to walk around Ireland. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be.

DYLAN: I’m always saying we need to travel more. I bet pour their soup on potatoes or something creative. Out of the ordinary.

NATALIE: I’ve been known to dump some soup a top my baked tater from time to time… But back to the original topic.

DYLAN: I don’t know how much more I know about the subject. The extent of my knowledge of the Irish is topped by a potato famine and Lucky Charms. What is the little leprechauns name?

NATALIE: That is his name. Lucky. Sometimes known as Sir Charms.

DYLAN: Really? Why do you know this?

NATALIE: I have a steel trap in my head for jingles and rando trivia.

DYLAN: Kinda scared. Kinda impressed.

NATALIE: I’ll revel in either.

DYLAN: For now, the gold at the rainbow will be that we always have a roof over our heads and soup in the pantry.

NATALIE:  We can dye it green!

DYLAN: That sounds terrible… But let’s try it. Just to see what happens. SCIENCE!!!

NATALIE:  And don’t forget. In addition to St. Patty’s Day coming up on the 17th, just days before on the 13th of March, it’s National Chicken Noodle Soup Day.

DYLAN: And for that, when you buy a pack of Chicken Noodle, second one’s half off. Half off the price… Same amount of Chicken and Noodles and soup, of course.

NATALIE:  I love it.

DYLAN: Me too.

NATALIE:  That’s a good place to call it a day for now. I’m Natalie. 

DYLAN: And I am Dylan. 

NATALIE: The world loves a great hashtag. And we have #makeamemorywitheverybowl.




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